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So, you’re going on school camp? You might feel apprehensive. Uncertain about what awaits you. Perhaps you’re not too excited about roughing it. We get it and we’re not talking about students! But you know, you’re not the first school staff member to attend one of our camps. And we have a feeling you won’t be the last! We recognise you make a significant personal contribution in being away from family and other commitments to be an integral part of your student’s camp experience. We work hard to ensure you feel well-supported and comfortable during camp because we want everyone (not just your students) to return home with positive memories and stories to share.

After all, the outdoors is good for everyone, not just young people!


Got questions? No worries!

Depending on the type of program your school has booked with us, our team will deliver teacher briefings to make sure you understand what to expect during your camp. You’ll get to know a bit more about us, ask questions, learn about the supportive resources in the school portal, what to bring and, of course, hear about the all-important food and accommodation.


Our camps provide 100% facilitated sessions, with the responsibility of pastoral care remaining with your school.

Our field team supports visiting students and school staff at every step. Our Outdoor Educators are skilled and experienced in guiding students through outdoor experiences and activities; they will co-create a Joint Supervision Plan with you, outlining how you and our team will support each other and promote each others' wellbeing, ensuring you get adequate rest while maintaining your responsibilities.

Sometimes your role will be supportive rather than active with our team members leading. For example, during a navigation session, our team are responsible for ensuring the group has all they need and understand what is expected of them. However, as a school staff member, you might like to support by encouraging your students or helping to manage group dynamics. At other points, it will be essential for you to be a bit more hands-on because this is the best way to embed learning and take it back to school - it’s a team effort!

During camp programs, someone is always on-site for support, even after the day’s final activity. During journey programs, your Outdoor Educator will be with you from start to finish and will always be happy to chat with you through any concerns or to share a cuppa with you.



We get it – this is a big one and while we can’t pretend we’re The Plaza, you’ll certainly be comfortable with us.

At our centre-base camps, you’ll stay in self-contained lodgings, usually shared in pairs. Each camp offers something a little bit different. For example, some lodges feature TVs and cooking facilities, including an oven, gas cooker and microwave, minifridge and private lounge rooms. Many provide reverse-cycle air-conditioning and all offer ensuite and tea and coffee-making facilities – we also provide tea, coffee and milk.

There are also many communal areas around our camps, often by a cosy fireplace for enjoying a morning cup of coffee before the day’s activities.

All our camps boast beautiful outdoor areas and environments to explore or admire; they are set in picturesque locations, away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. Amongst the natural world, you, too, can benefit from the restorative effects of the outdoors and take a break from your usual routine.

Those with Telstra as their service provider will generally have the best reception at our camps. However, we don’t expect you’ll be on your phone too much when there is so much beautiful scenery to take in!

If you’re attending a journey program, you may have some concerns about sleeping arrangements. We understand for some people, camping might not be their first pick but sleeping under the stars is all part of the experience.

You’ll sleep solo in a 2-person tent with a blow-up mattress for extra comfort – all provided by us! The same goes for visiting one of our spectacular bush camps. After a day’s canoeing or bushwalking and a hearty meal by the fire, a tent to yourself, listening to the sounds of nature will be the perfect end to your day.

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Many students come to camp having never ridden a bike or never paddled a canoe. We expect this and understand some visiting school staff members may have limited experience in outdoor activities. That’s ok – our Outdoor Educators are activity specialists who receive ongoing reviews and training in their respective activity fields; they are ever-present and ensure all participants are fully supported.

Our team are cognisant of making sure you are comfortable and will chat with you to understand your skill level. Before each activity, our Educators run a skills session, during which you will learn all the necessary skills for the activity.

While we love to explore the outdoors, we never jump into the deep end!

We canoe on slow-moving rivers or flat water. Cycling tracks are scenic and never too hilly and we follow established bushwalking trails through beautiful environments. We’re confident you’ll find something to love about each activity.


Another important one! This is where we rely on another team of experts - our Catering team! These clever folks are responsible for producing 280,000 meals each year. Our meals are fresh and designed to be varied, tasty, nutritious and satisfy an active group of people.

Menus are specifically tailored to each program and any allergies, religious requirements or preferences, such as Coeliac, Halal, vegetarian etc., are easily accommodated.

Our Catering team are not only responsible for keeping students and school staff full, healthy and energetic; they are also responsible for ensuring our team is well-fed. The food we serve to you is the same food we eat. And we love it! From BBQs and pasta to stir-fries, we work hard to stamp out the stigma of camp food.

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We provide participating students and school staff with essential outdoor gear such as wet weather gear and gaters. If you’re preparing for an upcoming school camp, this list will help ensure you pack the right items. We also provide all equipment required to participate in your program’s activities.


As an accompanying teacher, you are a vital part of your student’s school camp experience. But just because you attend a school camp for students does not mean you’ll be forgotten. With decades of experience, we understand the importance of supporting the entire school community through their outdoor education journey, including accompanying teachers like yourself. And while you may be reluctant at first, we're certain, just like your students, you'll leave feeling re-energised and reconnected to the natural world. 




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